Scholz & Associates.

Inspiring leaders to act on the idea that better humans make better humans.

Scholz & Associates are a team of experts who are on a mission to create work cultures of well-being. Each fiercely independent and driven with passion, the Scholz & Associates team is dedicated to helping leaders bring order to the mess. They stretch individuals and their teammates to their absolute best. Under their watch, they one day envision a world where the term management is obsolete.

Founded by Chip Scholz nearly two decades ago, Scholz & Associates approaches its work with a deep-root knowledge of human behavior. Through years of coaching executives across the country through proven exercises, tough questions and honest conversations, Chip and the team count privately owned multi-million companies, successful logistics and construction organizations, nonprofits and state and local government as its clients. In addition to leadership coaching, team coaching and talent discovery, Scholz and Associates facilitates mastermind groups across multiple industries – a highly successful network built over time on expertise, trust and talent.


Almost two decades ago, I founded my executive coaching practice Scholz and Associates, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina.



My approach is rooted in understanding human behavior and applying proven principles that unlock performance.



Through CEO and executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning and hiring, individual assessments, and educational event facilitation, I make businesses stronger.



Privately owned multi-million and billion-dollar third-party logistics, transportation, construction and manufacturing companies make up my current and past client roster. I have also worked with many non-profits and state and local governments. I primarily work with executives on a strategic level.

Intelligent results.

As an executive coach, Chip is dedicated to helping you achieve clarity and focus on what matters most to you. His programs are customized to your unique situation. The result is higher satisfaction in your work and your life.

As a trusted corporate facilitator and speaker, Chip’s programs and seminars lead to the changes you would like to see in your employees and corporate culture, as well as improve communication and productivity.

Don’t manage a demise.

Lead your transformation.