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Solutions – Talent Selection

Begin with the team you want to build.


As a human-centric leader, you know how important it is to get the right humans with the right skillsets in at the right time.  In order to transform your organization, begin with the team you want to build.

Working with Scholz and Associates, learn the value in talent selection and learn to do it in a way that positions your organization for success. Scholz and Associates uses science-based assessments to assess candidates so you are equipped to make the best hiring decisions possible.

Science-Based Assessments

Incorporating science-based assessments will help you:

  • Make the best hiring decisions possible
  • Give you a better ability to put the right people in the right seat
  • Measure your results in everything from productivity to profitability

In partnership with TTI Success Insights, the world’s leading assessment provider, Scholz and Associates will help you measure a candidate’s behavioral style, driving forces, skills, emotional intelligence and so much more. For each new candidate you’re considering, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive profile, along with an analysis of how they will align with the job. The report will tell you not only if they have the skills to excel, but also if they will be satisfied with the position, the team and the company culture.

Our clients say that assessments have helped them:

-Build a team of like-minded individuals
-Get a sneak peek into how the candidate will be successful and happy in the job

-Increase retention because the assessment helped place the right candidate in the right job
-Feel confident that they are making an unbiased hiring decision

What skills are needed for the job and how closely does an employee match those needs? Answering these questions is key to obtaining peak performance from your employees to maintain optimum levels of performance. We work with you to ensure every employee’s skills match the correct job, while helping you to hire the best fit for every position.

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