Embrace The Imperfections

There are no organizational problems. This is a myth, leading so many businesses to chase a solution to a problem that doesn’t actually exist. Any roadblock in your organization can be traced to one thing: people.

Humans are inherently imperfect, so does this mean people problems can never be fully solved? No. The opposite is true. Scholz and Associates believes that when we look at each team member as a whole person, and lead from this emotionally intelligent mindset, this is when organizational change can truly happen.


Chip Scholz

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Leaders are often caught in an exhausting and never-ending loop of perfectionism. We teach you a better way.

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We teach your team how to leverage one another’s strengths, embrace their imperfections and work with one another as whole individuals.

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Talent Selection

We get the right people on the bus who bring their talents, skills, heads and hearts to the job.

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“Chip just works extremely well with everybody he interacts with in the company. His personality and his values fit well with ours. Plus, he’s a good listener. At my level, I don’t have a lot of people to talk about my business with, so he’s provided good perspective for me.”

Herb ShearFormer Executive Chairman, Genco

“It’s helpful to have a third party in here working with our leaders, and it’s a benefit to Kenco to have him on board. He knows the challenges we face and that’s a big deal. I’m a fan of Chip.”

Scott MayfieldChief Administrative Officer, Kenco

“Chip is a true partner to our business, not a vendor or a consultant, but someone who helps drive our development by creating programs based on our business, our needs, and our direction.”

David ThaelerChief Human Resources Officer, Haskell

“Strategic planning with Scholz and Associates has been the most important thing the company has done in 35 years and one of the most important things I’ve done in the last 10 years.”

Stan JonesCEO, Dothan Warehouse Company

“My goal is to be better at my job, and to be more valuable to my Board of Directors. It’s very difficult to find someone to offer an expert second opinion on leadership issues. There are too many consequences to risk a bad decision. Those decisions are where Chip comes in and makes a big impact.”

Joel AndersonRetired CEO, International Warehouse Logistics Association

The Leader Snips Blog

Learn to sharpen your leadership skills by embracing imperfection.

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