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Solutions – Team Coaching

Arm your humans with the tools to succeed.


We believe that better humans make better humans.  Your greatest asset as a leader is the other humans you work with.  If you know this simple truth, you are already a step ahead of most.

We work with your entire team to understand every nuance, from behavioral styles and team dynamics to company culture and leadership effectiveness. In order to ensure each of them reach their potential, arm your humans with the tools to succeed.

Maximize Team Performance

Employee Retention. Retaining star employees takes effective leadership and a long-term investment in the employee. These team members are important for customer satisfaction, sales growth and increasing profitability. Through job related follow-up coaching and training efforts specific to the individual’s needs, employees will be further engaged in their position, involved in the company and on the fast track to success.

Leadership Development. The Scholz & Associates Leadership Academy consists of three segments over the course three years. At each level, high potential and developing leaders are challenged to meet their potential and grow into valuable leadership roles within the organization. Through pre-work, workshops, post-work, and internally supported mentorship programs, the Leadership Academy supports highly successful long-term leadership planning and development.

Leaders say we’ve helped their teams achieve:

-Higher levels of communication, awareness, and teamwork
-Elevated morale among managers and team members
-Reduced conflict between team members and managers

-Higher productivity resulting from elevated team synergy
-Renewed commitment and lasting motivation

Call Scholz and Associates to begin your transformation!

Don’t manage a demise.

Lead your transformation.