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Solutions – Executive Coaching

It’s time to gain a fresh perspective.


Most leaders, no matter their years of experience or accomplishments, continuously bump up against the same obstacles. At this point, it’s time to gain a fresh perspective.

Our executive coaching program gives you just that: Context that helps in your self-awareness; Clarity to work towards a solution. We start by helping you change the way you think, which in turn changes the way you behave. It is the catalyst for change and growth. When our time together is complete, you will be able to take actions based on your changed thinking and awareness.

What to Expect

You are pretty good just the way you are.  We work with humans that want to get better!  We want you to be more successful than you already are.

We work with and respect the natural talents and skills that got you where you are today. Together, we will create a plan of action to achieve WAYPOINTs, solve problems, and realize your wants and dreams. As you begin to integrate the plan into your life, you will find that our team “has your back” when you experience setbacks.  We will be there to brainstorm with you to turn your challenges into opportunities.

Here’s what we ask of you: Commit to developing yourself to achieve more of your true potential. This commitment will help you achieve your WAYPOINTs, dreams, and objectives.

Leaders who we’ve worked with say they’ve been able to:

-Begin your transformation to the human you want to become
-Understand how to create the atmosphere for motivation to flourish
-Reduce personal stress by becoming more effective and efficient
-Push past the roadblocks that continued we continually encounter
-Define success and achieve it!

Call Scholz and Associates a call to start on your journey of transformation.

Don’t manage a demise.

Lead your transformation.