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“Dying is easy. Living with a brain that disappears is not. I had a choice: accept defeat or fight back.”

This is the epiphany Chip Scholz had when lying in a hospital bed shortly after suffering from a stroke a few years ago. He knew that in order to keep moving intellectually, he must keep moving physically. Using this realization as a catalyst for personal change and growth, Chip fought back. He lost 110 pounds, became more active and made a full recovery. Chip’s growth is directly connected to his mindset. This experience inspired one of his many mantras: failure is not an option. It’s a mantra some of Chip’s most successful clients have wrapped their arms around, too.

Chip is a master at working with executives on a strategic level. Through services including CEO and executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning and hiring, individual assessments, and educational event facilitation, he makes businesses stronger. He doesn’t meddle in production or get lost in political or spiritual weeds. Instead, he relies on a utilitarian approach. Scholz & Associates clients are experts in their chosen fields. He is also a nationally recognized speaker and author of Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses, Do Eagles Just Wing It?, and the upcoming Clear Conduct, due to be published later this year.

Growing up in Chicago and attending Illinois Wesleyan University studying business, Chip was a “corporate gypsy” fresh out of college. He bounced around from Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, back to Atlanta, Tampa and finally settled in Los Angeles. Chip served as a lobbyist for Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) for 10 years. During his tenure, he tackled numerous local leadership positions, including Chairman of the Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission; helmed projects and served on boards for the Boy Scouts, Red Cross, YMCA, and more; and founded key initiatives, such as the South Bay Business Environmental Coalition. As a lobbyist, he most admired the people who started their businesses — people who risked it all.

When BFI laid off 1,200 employees in one week in 1998 and included Chip’s position in the cuts, he saw wide-open opportunity. It really wasn’t scary. It was exhilarating. He and his wife, Chris, realized it was a chance to do what they truly wanted: return to the beautiful Carolinas. So they did.

In Charlotte, Chip left corporate America behind and launched his own firm. He dug into his beloved community, contributed to local outlets including Greater Charlotte Biz Magazine and the Charlotte Business Journal, and actively supported key enterprises, such as the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, for which he had served as a board member, fellow, and faculty. As Scholz and Associates took off, Chip began to experience entrepreneurial learning curves and gritty realities.

His collective experiences shape his coaching philosophy, which can be summarized in five words: context, clarity, conditioning, choice, and character.