Who is Chip Scholz?

Personal statement, 2016

I’ve always been fascinated by how people see their situations.  I help executives across the country see clearly through proven exercises, tough questions, and honest conversations.

Almost two decades ago, I founded my executive coaching practice Scholz and Associates, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina.

My approach is rooted in understanding human behavior and pragmatically applying what I know. Privately owned multi-million and billion-dollar third-party logistics, transportation, construction and manufacturing companies make up my current and past client roster. I have also worked with many non-profits and state and local governments.

I work with executives on a strategic level. Through services including CEO and executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning and hiring, individual assessments, and educational event facilitation, I make businesses stronger. I don’t meddle in production or get lost in political or spiritual weeds. I rely on a utilitarian approach. My clients are experts in their chosen fields. I don’t really care how they make the widget. I care that they have widgets to sell, how they sell them, and how they go to market.

selling-for-geniusesI am also a nationally recognized speaker and author of Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses, Do Eagles Just Wing It?, and the upcoming Clear Conduct, due out in 2017.

Through my books, blog Leader Snips, and widely circulated monthly newsletter The Scholz Report, I contribute to today’s thought-leading conversations about team dynamics, communication, and emotional intelligence, and how those spheres impact sales, company culture, leadership, and more. A voracious reader, I also offer book recommendations, complete with reviews and highlights, on my website.

While its forms vary, from scientific studies and business white papers to pop psychology, all of the material I write, read, and endorse explores my favorite topic, human behavior.

I grew up in Chicago and attended Illinois Wesleyan University, where I studied business. Initially a “corporate gypsy,” I started in Chicago but left for Atlanta, then struck out for Charlotte before heading back to Atlanta, out to Tampa, and then, to Los Angeles, where I served as a lobbyist for Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) for 10 years. During my tenure at BFI, I tackled numerous local leadership positions, including Chairman of the Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission; helmed projects and served on boards for the Boy Scouts, Red Cross, YMCA, and more; and founded key initiatives, such as the South Bay Business Environmental Coalition.

“A few years ago, I suffered a stroke. I realized that there is something worse than dying.”

My Los Angeles life buzzed with activity and success. But while I was a lobbyist, the people I admired most were those who started businesses––people who risked it all.

When BFI laid off 1,200 employees in one week in 1998 and included my position in the cuts, instead of feeling defeated, I saw wide-open opportunity. It really wasn’t scary. It was exciting. My wife Chris and I realized it was our chance to do what we truly wanted: return to the beautiful Carolinas. And so we did.

Chris and I loaded up a travel trailer with our two dogs, five cats, and daughter, and headed for the opposite coast. We saw America. We stuck our feet in the Pacific Ocean on the first of July, and in the middle of August, we stuck our feet in the Atlantic outside of Charleston. It was an incredible journey.

In Charlotte, I left corporate America behind and launched my own firm. I dug into my beloved community, contributed to local outlets including Greater Charlotte Biz Magazine and the Charlotte Business Journal, and actively supported key enterprises, such as the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, for which I have served as a board member, fellow, and faculty. As Scholz and Associates took off, I began to experience entrepreneurial learning curves and gritty realities. I weathered the Great Recession of 2007 and 2008, and the unavoidable ups and downs of building a business from nothing.

A few years ago, I suffered a stroke. I realized that there is something worse than dying. Dying is easy. Living with a brain that disappears is not. I had a choice: accept defeat or fight back. I came to understand that in order to keep moving intellectually, one must keep moving physically. I became more active and lost 110 pounds. The entire experience has made me a lot calmer and a lot more accepting. But it’s also made me a lot more determined. Today, I am thriving, and my growth is directly connected to my mindset. For me, failure is not an option. My most successful clients have the same mantra.

My experiences and study have shaped my coaching philosophy, which can be summarized in five words: context, clarity, conditioning, choice, and character.

  • Context is an understanding of your present situation.
  • Clarity is knowing in no uncertain terms what you want.
  • Conditioning is changing your mind to accept what your reality is and then make your own reality.
  • Choice means taking the time to plan things out.
  • Character is walking the talk.

My ideology and finely tuned methods for living it out drive all of my services. Each client’s individual goals determine what each engagement looks like, which can lead to creating entirely new programs. An ongoing project with the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) is a perfect example of customization. When the IWLA decided to offer a unique way for their members to connect and learn from one another, we partnered to create Mastermind Groups. I facilitate every Mastermind Group, each of which comprises 8 to 10 third-party logistics providers who own their companies and operate in non-competing markets. These leaders come together in a safe space to ask one another questions and receive advice from peers that they literally could not find anywhere else. It is a dynamic network built on expertise, experience, and trust­­––and a telling microcosm of the ever-growing web of clients with whom I am honored to work.

Why Chip Scholz?

Are you interested in improving your performance on a personal and professional level? As an executive coach, Chip is dedicated to helping you achieve clarity and focus on what matters most to you. His programs are customized to your unique situation. The result is higher satisfaction in your work and your life.

Do you need an unbiased third party partner to help you take your team, group, department, or company to the next level? Putting the right people in the right seats is paramount in today’s business world. Chip provides a complete solution…from strategic planning and organizational assessment to help with hiring the right people and developing them to their full potential.

As a trusted corporate facilitator and speaker, Chip’s programs and seminars lead to the changes you would like to see in your employees and corporate culture, as well as improve communication and productivity.

A Professional Partner

Chip will partner with you to find solutions to your unique challenges, providing the “second opinion” we all need to help us make wiser decisions, strengthen our influence, and to truly begin to live up to our personal and professional potential.