Clarity is only the beginning...

…great leaders pay attention, focus intentionally, and act congruently. Chip Scholz supports executives to their highest potential, assesses and develops rising leaders, and facilitates robust succession planning. His acclaimed approach aligns personal with professional vision to achieve astonishing results.

Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership Development, Assessments

Case Studies

  • Genco
    $1.5 Billion Genco Prepares for High-Growth Future
    Supplying for the Future Multi-billion dollar third party logistics company plans for a high growth future through talent development, succession planning, and executive coaching Business Challeng...
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  • Kenco Group
    Kenco Group Develops Profit-Driving Talent
    Designing Performance Leading 3PL cultivates world-class performance through leadership development Business Challenge Founded in 1950, Kenco is one of the world's largest family-owned and privat...
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  • Haskell
    $600 Mil Haskell Drives Operational Performance
    Designing Performance $600 million design, build, and engineering firm drives operational performance with servant-leader culture and talent development Business Challenge Founded in 1965, Haskell ...
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  • Dothan Warehouse
    Making Hay Out of Peanuts
    Stan Jones has accomplished the rare feat of building a successful business model on storing and shipping peanuts. He’s well known in the business for his success and growth throughout the Great Reces...
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  • IWLA
    A Second Time Around for Success
    A Second Time Around for Success Chip brings clarity and meritocracy to the decision making process. Business Challenge After a bout with cancer four and half years ago, Joel Anderson saw his recov...
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  • Allen Tate
    #1 Real Estate Company Sustains Growth with Shared Vision
    Putting the right people in the right seat #1 Real Estate Company Sustains Growth with Shared Vision When a company requires so many different kinds of people, how can they be sure they have the r...
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Chip Scholz is Head Coach of Scholz and Associates, Inc. He is a nationally recognized executive coach, public speaker and author and is a Certified Business Coach who works with CEO’s, business owners and sales professionals across North America.

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homepage-eaglesDo Eagles Just Wing It?

Uses the concepts behind those four words to help you put clarity, focus, attention and intention to work for you in your work and in your life.

homepage-geniusesMasterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses

Selling is what we have to do to be able to do what we want to do. In other words, unless someone is willing to pay you for your services all you are doing is volunteer work.