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Validation & Usage

Scholz & Associates, Inc. uses scientifically validated assessments for coaching, training, and hiring purposes. Measuring key insights on human behavior, motivation, acumen, personal skills, and emotional intelligence, their assessments have been used over 30 million times in nearly 100 countries around the world.


Behavior tells you how a person will work, communicate, and make decisions. It also tells you the pace at which they’ll work, and whether or not they’re more task-oriented or people-oriented.


Motivation tells you why a person will work, what matters to them, and importantly – what turns them “off.” Only by understanding a person’s motives can we “speak their language” and catalyze their highest performance.


Acumen tells you how a person thinks, casts judgment, and views themselves and others. By understanding acumen, we gain deep insight into a person’s attitudes, problem solving skills, and role awareness.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills tell you if a person can do their job. These are often learned skills, stemming from one’s career and education, which will either empower or disable them from performing well in their role.


EQ (“Emotional Intelligence”) is one of the greatest predictors of job performance. High EQ is characteristic of top-performers who self-manage properly and effectively collaborate with others.

The “Five Sciences”

Scholz & Associates, Inc. assessments primarily evaluate five areas: behavior, motivation, acumen, soft skills, and emotional intelligence (“EQ”). Together with normal intelligence (“IQ”), experience, education, and training, these factors paint the “whole” picture for a given person.

By understanding the whole of yourself and others, you are empowered to become a better leader, decision-maker, and hiring manager. You engage others more effectively, and unlock your highest level of personal and team performance.

Chip Scholz and his expert team at Scholz & Associates, Inc. know how to guide you, and your organization, through the entire process. Having worked with countless business leaders over the years, and teams of all sizes, the results you will achieve are unparalleled.

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