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What Really Matters, Searching for Wisdom in America

In 1987 Tony Schwartz found himself at the peak of his profession. He had just written “Art of the Deal” with Trump and was making more money in a day than he had in the rest of his life to that point. As he was standing in a receiving line with the glitterati and the paparazzi, he felt an emptiness, an angst. He decided he needed to do something about it.

For five years Tony Schwartz traveled America looking for wisdom. He met with psychologists, mystics, philosophers, psychics and leaders in alternative thought. He found some great wisdom and some false prophets. This book is the distillation of his search. He covers a lot of ground in this book. From meditation to bio-feedback, right brain drawing to bodywork, dreamwork to Enneagrams to the growing scientific evidence connecting mind and body, he pursued answers to the deepest questions. What is a truly meaningful and complete life?


Tony Schwartz


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