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Turning Potential into Action

No, Ryan is not related by ancestry, but I do happen to share many of his philosophies and business ideas. In this book, Ryan keeps it simple and direct, and gives you a road map for being more effective in your work and your life. What I especially like about the book is that in a short 87 pages he has detailed 8 Outstanding Principles for becoming a leader and maintaining great leadership within an organization. His guidelines for tapping into the human potential and ultimately the potential of the whole organization are a must read for anyone who desires to release the power of their organization.

Ryan put some pretty incredible thought into this book to make it simple, descriptive and prescriptive without being preachy. A seasoned expert in personal development in manufacturing environments, Ryan uses his real world knowledge to turn theory into reality and great illustrations into something you can take action on immediately. Whether you are a pro or a novice in the world of management, leadership or supervision, you will find this book not only helpful, but perhaps transformational.


Ryan Scholz


Insight Publishing



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