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Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a source document. Like many look to the Bible as the source of inspiration, so every coach, motivational speaker and those interested in self-development flock to this tome. They may not know it, but every bit of self help literature published today gives a nod to Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill was the Anthony Robbins, the Rhonda Byrnes, the Jim Rohn and the John Maxwell of his time. His message is “think it, be it”. Simple as that. You can see traces of his writings in all of what has come after. For instance, Chapter 2 is “Desire, the Starting Point of all Achievement”. The third is “Faith, Visualization of, and Belief in, Attainment of Desire.”

This book deserves a place in your leadership bookshelf. If you haven’t read this book you might want to consider it. You will be glad you did. If you have read it before, pick it up again! Each time you will find something you missed the last time you read it.


Napoleon Hill


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