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The Power of Story

Have you taken a trip by airplane lately? Seems everyone has their story about it. Most of them go something like “It was awful. I had to wait…20 MINUTES…before they boarded me. And then we sat on the tarmac for ONE HOUR in the hot sun before…”. You get the picture.

We are the sum of the stories we tell ourselves and others. For instance, the airplane story means that we get a little tense every time we head to the airport. Our pulse quickens as we think about how awful it is going to be. Yet we can change the story, and we too will change.

That’s what The Power of Story by Jim Loehr is about…understanding what your story is about yourself, your work and your life, and making the conscious and intentional decision on how to change it. You have the power to do so, and Jim can help. His book includes some great stories, but more importantly it includes ways of re-writing yours.

A quick, powerful read, this one goes on my highly recommend list.


Jim Loehr


Free Press



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