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The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workforce and Surviving One That Isn’t

Yes, I know. The title is a bit crude, and may be off-putting to some of my more conservative readers. However, admit it. You have worked with and for more than one jerk in your life. You know who I am talking. Those people who are insensitive to their colleagues…corporate bullies…bosses who don’t get it. They suck the life out of the room, deflate others and have toxic effects on productivity and office morale. As the book cover states, they are the kind of people who make you exclaim in exasperation: “What an asshole”.

The book gives you strategies for identifying and dealing with these people, no matter their rank in the organization. One part I particularly enjoy is the pledge for non-jerk behaviors. Portions of the pledge include: I will be passionate about my work and keep in mind what I love about what I do, especially when things are stressful or not going well; I will listen with an open mind and learn from others, regardless of their position in the company; I will strive to know when it is wise to take a firm stance and when to be flexible; I will not waste money, and I will question costs. I will not take advantage of my position in the company for status reasons.

It is a quick read, but one that you will enjoy. It is witty, lively and and in the end you’ll be asking yourself, “Am I part of the problem or part of the solution!?”


Robert I. Sutton, PhD


Business Plus



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