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The Myth of the Garage

Chip Heath, along with his brother Dan, have written a few of my favorite books. In this collection of articles, Chip illustrates some of the more common myths and then debunks each of them. He begins with (as the title says) the myth of the garage. We all seem to have an image in our minds that the best ideas, inventions, and innovations are taking place by a couple of guys or gals in their garage. We love these stories. Hollywood makes movies that romanticize it. It is the American dream, the classic underdog who makes it big. The reality is most all innovation comes from other places. The reality is less sexy, but it is attainable. The Heath brothers tackle myths from “the inevitable” $300 pair of socks to the curse of the incentive, to thinking INSIDE the box and much, much more.

The Heath brother’s collection of articles is as fun as it informative. The best part? It is free on Amazon! You have nothing to lose except a myth or two you have accepted as truth. Enjoy!


Chip Heath and Dan Heath


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