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The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow

In my upcoming book, “Clear Conduct”, I make the case that we are entering the era that the old ways of managing people by command and control is going away. You manage resources, but lead people. Leadership is getting the best out of people. To be truly effective and get the best from everyone, leaders must adapt a more empowering way of being. I believe that leaders must adopt a coaching approach. Studies have shown the benefits of a coaching style of leading. Employees are more engaged, productivity is increased and bonds between the leaders and the led strengthen. Stinnett and Zenger’s book gives you the framework to get started. The key to coaching as stated by the authors? The person being coached needs to arrive at their own solution to any situation, issue or problem they face.

This book is an excellent tool for anyone who wants a better understanding of coaching. It describes how it works and what is required of the individual being coached. The stories are illustrative and entertaining and serve to bring each point Stinnett and Zenger make to life. The format offers plenty of time for reflection. Each chapter contains exercises to allow you to better apply what you have read. My recommendation is to skim the chapter summary and think about each item--then read the chapter.

For the last 17 years, I have made a career of coaching and can attest to the power of it. As an executive coach, I talk with people in all stages of their career. They range from the “high potential” at the start of their career to the executive who is planning for succession. Each person I coach has a unique point of reference, their own challenges, strengths, wants and needs. How can I help them? The same way you can…by applying the concepts and methods taught in “The Extraordinary Coach”.


John Zenger and Kathleen Stinnett


McGraw-Hill Education



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