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The Experience Economy

Its always interesting to see what authors are selling. It is kind of like that cool kid in high school, coining a phrase and hoping it will catch on. Pine and Gilmore do much the same. They really want you to know about “The Experience Economy” and want it to catch on. Did it work? Not really.

The authors use the artifice of putting a statement in bold separated on each page. Only about 1 in 4 of their pithy quotes hit their mark. For example: “Understand how to turn every interaction into an experience” is hardly high drama. It is not an easy read. It is more of an academic read than you might find among the likes of Gladwell or the Heath brothers. The concepts are good, the execution is clunky. It is worth your while if you can slug through it.


B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore


Harvard Business Review Press



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