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The Contrarian Effect

When you have been selling as long as I have, you have seen just about every approach, every new technique. I was trained on the “FAB” principle (features, advantages, benefits) and taught every hokey closing technique there is. The real truth is that those techniques don’t work now and most likely never did. That point is clearly communicated in “The Contrarian Effect”.

There are a lot of sales books on the market to choose from. However if you just have time to read one, this is a good one to read. It is a quick read, and together Port and Marshall tell great stories to illustrate their points.

The biggest takeaways for me have to do with two concepts. The first is to target specific groups to market to rather than spend your days cold calling to a mass market. The other is the idea of collaborating with others in your market to create more attraction to your products or services.


Michael Port & Elizabeth Marshall





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