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Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard

I love the way the Heath Brothers write. They had me at Made to Stick, and I have really enjoyed their column in Fast Company magazine. However, in Switch, they cemented the reader relationship with me in this book. The writing is crisp, the ideas are woven throughout the book and work in context, and the core principles are simple to visualize and implement.

As an executive coach, I work with the change process in individuals and teams on a daily basis. My work means that I live in the world described by this book. What could be easier than describing the three steps that make up the main headings of this book? Direct the Rider. Motivate the Elephant. Shape the Path. Wow, very simple. And the stories they use to illustrate each point and sub-points are well researched and not repetitive. More than well researched, they are poignant and memorable. The stories don’t drag. And they are on target.

Checking in at 258 pages, it is not a light read, but it is so interesting you will want to devour it quickly. However, once devoured, there are nuggets you will go back to again and again to savor. My only question for the Heath’s is “What’s next?”


Chip & Dan Heath


Broadway Books



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