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Stop Workplace Drama

My wife sent me a cartoon several years ago. It was a Family Circle cartoon. In it, Billy was pointing the finger of blame at his sister, to whom the sister captioned: “Whenever you are pointing one at me, three are pointing back at you!” While I am sure I took the “suggestion” in stride (okay, maybe not) it was an apt point. When we start to blame others, we are really only pointing back at ourselves.

This book takes that premise and builds a great case that personal accountability is at the heart and soul of eliminating drama in the workplace. In a well-researched, well written volume, Marlene takes us behind the scenes of the drama. Without preaching, she teaches how to re-construct the scenery that contributes to crazy behaviors in the workplace and provides a different script to read from. My favorite chapter was Chapter 5, Stop Relationship Drama. If you only read that chapter, the book is worth reading.

Thanks, Marlene, for a great eye opener!


Marlene Chism





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