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Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Want to know how to inspire and build trust with employees and clients? All you need to do is ask why! This book is about knowing yourself by looking within for your true purpose in life. As a result you can have a more productive and happy life.

Why are some people more successful and influential that others? Simply stated the answer is they are able to articulate how their vision shaped their business and why it is the core of all they do. Sinek’s book explains the “Golden Circle” concept. It uses the trust that is built by shared beliefs and goals. Once you have clients and employees that believe in your vision to make an emotional connection others will in turn invest in you and your business.

While at times the book can be a bit repetitive in its use of examples, the simplicity of his message can be integrated in anyone’s life or work.


Simon Sinek


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