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Playing Bigger Than You Are

Most of my clients are great operators. They do a great job of serving their clients, taking care of their employees and understanding their finances. Their greatest struggle is in building revenue and growing their business in a meaningful way. Most can sell small accounts but have difficulty playing big enough to sell big accounts. Playing Bigger Than You Are is a new offering from William T. and William P.G. Brooks. The book is filled with the Brookses expert guidance. It isn’t just theory, it is practical work that you can put to use tomorrow.

The book focuses on four major areas:

-How to focus on strategic accounts that builds long lasting revenue, not just “right now” revenue.
-Find the small business friendly big companies.
-Position yourself effectively to take advantage of the opportunities when they come about.
-Plan your approach and presentations in the right ways to win their business.

One last note, this book was written by Bill and Will Brooks, a father and son. Regrettably, Bill passed away in 2007. This book is a testament to the wisdom of the father as passed down to the son. Bill was the second best salesman I ever met (my father was the best!). Will is gifted in his own right and has successfully carried on the family business.


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