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What's Chip Reading?

Outstanding! 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional

When reading Outstanding!, I realized why I am such a fan of John’s. In simple, direct language, he gives 47 ways to make any organization better. In the book, he resists the temptation to be self-important. His stories are simple but elegant, and the brilliance is in their simplicity. He takes stories from his everyday experience and it makes his work eminently believable.

In particular, here are some of the chapters I really found poignant and readily usable:

-Chapter 3 – Keeping the Mission Top of Mind. Great story about his dad, and nice way he wove it into the message.
-Chapter 11 – Don’t Speak in Code. If you are going to call someone a teammate, or call your employees teammates, mean it! Why do we use euphemisms to change minds if the behaviors underlying the words aren’t matched up?
-Chapter 25 – Manage! One of the best descriptions of the need to manage rather than lead. I have been caught up in “Leadership 101” with my clients, and now I understand why it hasn’t been working!
-Chapter 47 – Try, Risk Grow. Wow. Something I have to remind myself of every day. If you aren’t growing, you are dying. Thanks, John, for the great story about Tasha.

Thanks so much for sharing your family with us, and helping your readers make each day “Outstanding”.


John G. Miller


The Penguin Group



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