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Outliers: The Story of Success

Why are the most successful hockey players born in January, February and March? Why do Americans lag behind their Asian counterparts in math? Why would inner-city children want to go to school for eight hours a day year round? Why is the number of airplane crashes based on pilot error diminishing worldwide? Why is Bill Gates so successful?

Whether you have wondered about these topics or not, Outliers, the latest effort from New York Times columnist Malcolm Gladwell, will give you some pretty incredible insights. There are reasons that some people have a better chance at success than others. Bill Gates success was no accident of birth or timing.

I enjoy Gladwell’s writing, and would read just about anything he writes. Outliers adds to the success from his previous two books, Tipping Point and Blink. He has made a great career out of using other people’s research to make a point. The points he makes are always interesting, and the way he gets there is always fun.


Malcom Gladwell


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