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Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company

Andy Grove wrote this book almost two decades ago but it hasn’t lost its poignancy. Compliance with policies, procedures and systems is vital to the functioning of any complex system, a business being one. If the system is out of compliance, it can be a threat to your business. In this book, Andy talks about what systems are vital and how to work within them. Leaders may recognize these threats in their own businesses, and prepare their responses to them in order to survive and thrive. The challenge is to avoid the most obvious, safe alternative.

Andy challenges you to look at all alternatives, even the ones that cause discomfort to you and your team. His time at Intel leads to a number of stories that make this a fun read and not just your average technical business book. His first-hand accounts are interesting and on point.


Andrew S. Grove


Crown Business



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