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New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace

There have been a spate of advice books for women in the last several years, such as Executive Presence. The Confidence Code, How Women Rise, and this book, New Rules of the Game. It is about time. Women face unique challenges in the workplace and at home, with traditional roles clashing with modern expectations. In the next few months, I will explore these books, and would appreciate any other suggestions you might have.

In New Rules of the Game, Susan Packard shares the secrets she has discovered through her many years of corporate leadership. The organization of the book and the stories she tells are endearing. One added bonus for my supply chain readers—she quotes Ann Drake, former CEO of DSC Logistics. Ann was devoted to increasing the presence of women in the management ranks in the supply chain. Packard’s book is cleverly written with complete candor that illuminates both her wins, but also her losses. She is candid about the mistakes she has made, and with great insight, tells how not to make them yourself. She includes stories of other business leaders that are humorous and telling.

The one thing I really liked, as a male reader, was that she acknowledges that many of her strategies can help anyone with their career. I found myself identifying with many of the self-limiting behaviors she describes. It is an informative read for anyone.


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