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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Lately, a number of books have been published talking about mindset. Mindset is what we used to call attitude, or even habits of thought. In her new book, Carol Dweck establishes, once again, that mindset (attitude) has a genuine effect on everything we do.

For instance, do you know someone that lets everything roll of their backs? Alternatively, do you know someone that believes that the world has a vendetta against them? That is mindset.

The question really is, are we doomed to live out our mindset or can mindset’s be changed? Are we born with a certain mindset? If attitudes are the same as mindset’s, then most assuredly they can be. William James wrote in the 1800’s: “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his live by altering his attitudes.”

Dweck believes there are two types of mindsets. The “fixed mindset” and the “growth mindset”. The fixed mindset is set in stone. You are who and what you are. The growth mindset is more fluid. You believe you can change your fate by challenging yourself, working hard and fighting for what you believe in. You may be thinking that people have both mindsets. You would be correct. Dweck confirms that we do hold different mindsets in different situations. We simply need to train our brains to utilize our growth mindset more often and learn from failure.

Dweck has written an interesting read, and if it is your first foray into the world of changing your mind, you will probably enjoy it.


Carol S. Dweck


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