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Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days

Life hacks seem to be all the rage lately. I see posts on social media and have even seen TV shows (guilty pleasure alert) dedicated to making everyday tasks easier. Some of the tips are downright brilliant. What if I told you there is a hack that could make YOU better? Would you be interested?

Mind Hacking is a twenty-one day, three step guide that teaches you how to reprogram your mind by reclaiming your attention and retraining your concentration. The steps are relatively simple: Analyze; Imagining; Reprogram. We are all guilty of being distracted by too much—too many emails, texts, marketing messages--stuff. When is the last time you didn’t check your email, receive or send a text, or look at the notification that alerted you to a post? If your computer was running slow you would debug it and delete the files that clutter your space. Hargrave contends that your brain is no different. You must eliminate and filter the distractions that your brain is exposed to: turn off the phone, turn off all notifications and enjoy silence. It sounds simple; however, it takes work. The key is to practice every day, allowing your mind to unwind and relax.

Hargrave’s take on this even trends towards the comedic and makes for an easy and entertaining read. This is one hack you don’t want to miss!


Sir John Hargrave


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