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Leading with Questions: How Leaders Find The Right Solutions By Knowing What To Ask

Can asking questions opposed to answering them be the key to better teamwork? According to Michael Marquardt, the answer is YES. In his book “Leading with Questions”, he illustrates how asking questions empowers others, fosters greater teamwork, and changes individual perceptions.

Asking questions leads to better solutions. We don’t rely on just one person’s thoughts or opinions for the answer. In the book Michael begins with the story of the Titanic. He makes the case that the disaster could have been averted if more open-ended questions had been asked. He makes these kinds of assertions throughout the book, which makes it a much better read.

The book is instructional, clear and while being a bit repetitious, the repetition is in a good cause. He really wants you to “get it” and ask better questions. The book is only 224 pages, so he makes his point in a relatively short tome. The book is a great resource for learning the art of asking better questions.


Michael J. Marquardt





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