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I Quit, But Forgot To Tell You: Attacking the Spreading Virus of Disengagement

From the liner notes: “As customers, we have been served by people who quit but never left. As employees, we have been managed by bosses who quit, but managed to stay. As managers, we have managed people who physically attend, but mentally pretend.

Let’s face it. No one takes a job intending to fail. No employer hires with the intent to fire. Both parties want only the best. They both want to succeed. So what happens?”

Practical, thought provoking and timely, this is a great read. If you have been in business for any length of time, you have seen this issue and it’s insidiously devastating effects. You may not have known what to call it. You now do…worker disengagement. These are the workers that seem to have retired in place, workers who have mentally checked out. These are the ones that my clients spend most of their time trying, with marginal success, to motivate.

The sad fact is that these are the people that you are entrusting your business to. They are the ones that create lagging morale in your other employees, poor customer service, and declining profits. They aren’t just ineffective, they are damaging to your best efforts.


Terri Kabachnick


The Kabachnick Group, Inc.



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