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How the Way We Talk Can Change The Way We Work

This one is an oldie, but one that I have recently rediscovered. This is an unwieldy title, but don’t let it scare you away from a gem of communication information. The subtitle is “Seven Languages for Transformation” and even if you just learn one of the languages, you will be miles ahead in solving communication problems.

For instance, fans of Daniel Pink’s work Drive will love this chapter: “From the Language of Prizes and Praising to the Language of Ongoing Regard”. Subheads include “Being Direct” and “Being Specific”. In my experience, both are desperately needed in the workplace.

Practical, still extremely relevant and illustrated with some great stories, this work can help you break through inter-generational communication issues while building stronger teams and organizations.


Robert Kegan & Lisa Lahey


Jossey Bass



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