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Help Me!

Most of us, if not all of us, read self-help books. Our friends, co-workers and family all have one that they recommend and swear has changed their life. We are bombarded on social media with recommendations and affirmations gained from the books. You cannot help but be curious and think maybe; just maybe it will work for me. Do any of them actually work?

After another night of hard partying and hungover reflection, Marianne Power sets out to read and practice the advice of one self-help book a month for a year. She takes on many of the books we all have read. The Secret, F*ck it, Unleash the Power Within, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the Power of Now to name a few. Following the advice she reads, she does nude modeling, jumps out of a plane and must “chat-up” men on the tube (subway for us). I won’t spoil the rest of her adventures. She stumbles upon a few inherent issues with self-help. For example, if The Secret really worked, why does anyone work at all? Why don’t we all just manifest success, love and money and poof, we’d have it? I have thought about that as well, yet The Secret still sells and people do believe.

Help Me! is a witty and fun read that will keep you giggling and relating. It is perfect for someone who doubts the merits of self-help books and those who swear by them. Do self-help books work? You will have to read her journey to discover her answer. Spoiler Alert: You will be glad you did!


Marianne Power


Grove Press



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