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Healthcare EQ: A Clinician’s Guide

I had lunch recently with Dr. Izzy Justice, and he was kind enough to share a copy of his new book, Healthcare EQ, with me. This is not the kind of book I would normally read. I am not a health care practitioner nor involved in healthcare in any other way other than being a consumer of services. I am very glad I did.

Izzy is one of the go-to people for emotional intelligence. He has been researching EQ for the last several years and has written a number of books that focus on it. In this third installation of his EQ series (Triathlete EQ and Golf EQ precede this volume), he explains why EQ is so important and what we can do to cool our emotional temperature. In the book, he describes what it feels like to be in a green state (calm), yellow state (annoyed) or a red state (anxious, angry). He makes the case that in a yellow or red state, we can’t make good decisions because our cognition is hijacked. In personal experience, it rings true.

In addition, this book introduces some of the work that Izzy has done on happiness. He told me that his work on EQ pales in comparison to what he has learned about happiness. I won’t be a spoiler.

This may not be a book that attracts you by the title. If you are in Healthcare, it can be a lot of help. If not, it is still worth the time to study. If you are like me, I have read it four times, highlighted, written marginal notes and use it in my daily activity. I hope you find it the same.


Robert Driver, MD and Dr. Izzy Justice





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