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Happiness (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

At times happiness may seem elusive--whether it is in our work or personal life. Perhaps that is because happiness is often misunderstood as a feeling of complete contentment with no angst or sorrow. The part we often miss in our quest for happiness is that challenges and difficulties often bring us the most growth. The growth we experience will increase our happiness. It is hard to appreciate the sunshine if you haven't had a few days of rain. This book is the final installment of four in the series on Emotional Intelligence, and is once again a collection of short articles. The articles explore how happiness is measured and techniques that will build morale and bring happiness to the work place. A few standout articles are “The Power of Small Wins” and “The Happiness Backlash.” That one is particularly interesting reading. Be sure to check out these gems from the Harvard Business Review.


Daniel Gilbert, Annie McKee, Gretchen Spreitzer, and Teresa Amabile


Harvard Business Review Press



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