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Growing Influence: A story of How to Lead with Character, Expertise, and Impact

Growing Influence is a parable that tells a story that is instantly relatable. It begins with Emily, a thirty-something woman, who has been passed up for several promotions and recently received some tough feedback on her 360 review. For Emily, the feedback was not what she had hoped for and has left her wondering where she stood with her company and what the future holds. It is during this time that meets David, a retired CEO who mentors her--and in turn, each of us. This is a unique book…part business advice and part novel. The novel will draw you in so you may not even notice that you are getting the advice!

The authors, Ron and Stacey, are people that I know and admire greatly, and I count Ron as a friend and mentor. That makes it doubly thrilling to be able to positively review this book. Thanks to both of you for a bright, shining light in a sea of humdrum leadership books.


Ron Price and Stacey Ennis


Greenleaf Book Group Press



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