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Fail-Safe Leadership: Straight Talk About Correcting The Leadership Challenges In Your Organization

First written in 2001, this version is a total re-write of the first version. Although it doesn't say so, two of my friends did the rewrite. The first, Tammy Kohl, is the president of Trusted Advisors Network. The second, Tracy Lunquist, is a frequent writing partner of mine, and a trusted advisor to me! Together they have done a thoughtful job of updating and taking a fresh look at this time honored concept. This version is shorter by eight pages. The message is the same, though: being more intentional about your style of leadership.

In today’s 24 hour news cycle, social media saturation, and instant competition internet search -with reviews, strong leadership is more important than ever before. Leadership development is key to the future of all companies. According to Fail-Safe Leadership, most companies continue to operate the same way they always have, but expect different results. That is the true definition of insanity. In fact, the authors refer to it as “leadership insanity” and offer us a cure. I particularly enjoyed the chapters “the best leaders are followers” and “the right fuel for your engine”.

Fail-Safe Leadership is a very quick read, yet it really packs a punch. The thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter are an excellent tool. I hope you enjoy this book!


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