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E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

You bake the best pies, cookies or cupcakes. All your friends tell you so! They all tell you that you should be in your own business! So you take your savings and quit your job to start your own business. Your business grows and you hire one or two people, and you find that they just aren’t as passionate as you! The business goes through what is called “growing pains”.This just isn’t as fun as you’d imagined!

This is the typical scenario described in Gerber’s book. A “technician”, or someone that is good at doing something, starts a business. And that is who this book is written for. It is for all wanna-be entrepreneurs that are considering opening a business and all solo-preneurs that want to take that next step. It describes in vivid detail what those next steps are.

Will the steps outlined in the book save you from failing? It certainly will give you are better shot. Will you be able to run a better business? The book gives you a fighting chance.


Michael E. Gerber


Harper Collins



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