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Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

I love the writing style of Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Made to Stick and Switch were really simple principles laid out in a really fascinating way. In fact, I even use SWITCH as the basis for one of the classes I teach. The stories they tell are relevant, relatable and make you go “Hmmm!”. Decisive, their latest effort, is even better at it.

Let’s face it, making the right decision at the right time is crucial. But how many of us know how to systematically evaluate a decision? Decisive is a fresh look at the art of making decisions. Chip and Heath use a simple, four-step process for decision making. The process is called WRAP which stands for Widen your options, Reality test your assumptions, Attain distance before deciding, and Prepare to be wrong. Following these steps removes the bias in decision making as well as limits the errors made.

The genius of the book is in its simple concept surrounded by illustrations that brings the concept to life. I have added the book to my permanent bookshelf, and will refer to it again and again. I hope my readers will do the same.


Dan & Chip Heath


Crown Business



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