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Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results

I really love how brain research has been used to lead to advancement in a number of fields. We have learned more about how the brain really works in the last 20 that we learned in the 200 years that preceded it. In the past we were only able to look at cadaver brains and make assumptions how things worked. The breakthrough came from advanced imaging equipment that allows us to see the electrical signals that make up brain activity. We didn’t have to make assumptions any more.

Judith Glaser has taken the research and used it to decode the art of conversation. She describes in some detail the complex dance between the relatively new cerebral cortex and the ancient or reptilian brain, and the effect that it has on communication and relationships. Her tips, based on science, offer a window into productive conversation. By making small changes in the words we use, we can radically alter the outcomes of our communication.


Judith E. Glaser





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