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Ask: The Counterintuitive Online Formula to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy…Create a Mass of Raving Fans….and Take Any Business to the Next Level

Ryan Levesque begins this book with the question: “How many advertisements are we exposed to daily?” The answer? About 5000 ads per day, according to CBS news. In the 1970’s, we only saw about 50 per day. I can only guess with the rise of smart phones, iPad and connectivity that number will grow substantially. With consumers being bombarded with so much information daily, how does your business stand out from the rest? According to Levesque the answer is to simply ask what your client wants and needs, then cater your product to them. The answers are found in a series of surveys that are designed to skillfully and incrementally ask questions of your clients.

The first half of the book reads more like a memoir of his life, detailing his challenges, missteps and triumphs. Setting the stage is essential for the formation and fine tuning of his technique. The second half of the book details how-to and implementation of his technique. My biggest take away: It is not simply asking the question. You have to ask the right questions at the right time. When implemented correctly the answers are passionate, organic and will probably surprise you.


Ryan Levesque


Dunham Books



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