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Apples to Apples-How to Stand Out from Your Competition

Dan Paulson’s most recent book, Apples to Apples is a powerful read. He has a unique approach to the concept of cultural branding. Cultural branding combines aspects of strategic planning and organizational development. It then puts your business in terms that the market understands. When the market understands your company, your company flourishes.

Dan has helped companies from small dental offices to multi-million corporations achieve record revenues. His book offers an easy to digest path to make any business more profitable. By utilizing his “5 tasks of the Golden Apple” your company can become the benchmark for your industry–or as the book refers to it– the “Golden Apple”. Is there something that you could do to become the “Golden Apple”? And if you are the “Golden Apple” is there something more you can do to stay on top? Pick up this dynamic read and find out!


Dan Paulson


First Person Productions



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