Leadership Development

Do you want your company or organization’s leaders to feel and exhibit the same passion you feel for your goals, vision, and mission? Does your company culture lack a nurturing environment for emerging and potential leadership? What can you do to get those people on the right track?

Determining which skills need development is key to an effective leadership program. With the right assessment and compatible corporate coaching, Chip Scholz can help ignite—or re-ignite—the passion in your employees.

Peak Performers

What skills are needed for the job and how closely does the individual match those needs? Answering these questions is key to obtaining peak performance from your employees to maintain optimum levels of performance.

Chip can help you compare job requirements to individual needs, then implement training and coaching needed to drive individual performance that leads to company success.

Holding on to the Best

Have you ever been mismanaged? What did that feel like? Ultimately what did you do about it? If you’re like most people, you left the company.

Retaining star employees takes effective leadership and a long-term investment in the employee. These team members are important for customer satisfaction, sales growth and increasing profitability.

Let Chip show you how assessments and coaching can ensure your superior performers don’t jump ship and take their skills elsewhere. Through job related follow-up coaching and training efforts specific to the individual’s needs, employees will be further engaged in their position, involved in the company and on the fast track to success.

Management Series Training

Are your upcoming leaders fulfilling their potential? Having a strong leadership succession plan in place is crucial to the successful future of any organization. How do you identify and develop high-potential individuals within your organization?

The Scholz and Associates Management Series consists of three segments: MS1, MS2, and MS3. At each level, high potential and developing leaders are challenged to meet their potential and grow into valuable leadership roles within the organization. Through pre-work, workshops, post-work, and internally supported mentorship programs, the Management Series supports highly successful long-term leadership planning and development.