Make Great Gains. Get Measurable Results.

As a leader, do you want to make your company a great place to work? Do you want to instill servant leadership and guide corporate culture?

Chip helps people discover and realize their untapped potential. This drives them forward in company leadership, nurtures optimum job performance, and solidifies company ethics, objectives, and purpose.

Workshops, Retreats and Seminars

Through facilitating one-on-one workshops, seminars and corporate retreats, Chip will provide exactly the training you need to enhance skills, contribute to your success and advance your organization. A real-world approach is infused with up-to-the-moment, relevant information, delivered in an energetic and enlightening presentation.

Chip’s workshops are tailored to custom-fit your business or organization’s exact needs. He folds specific knowledge and skills into your established systems and processes. This can be done at the location of your choice. Whether you need customized development work for a single department or a comprehensive approach to solve long-term issues facing your entire organization, Chip Scholz can make it happen.

As a retreat leader, Chip will provide productive, hands-on and revealing guidance for your team, which results in better appreciation, communication, and cooperation within leadership and employee groups.

Assessment Facilitation

Assessments can help people and leadership discover and realize untapped potential. Executives, business owners, managers or anyone who leads others will use the information gained to understand their own unique behavioral style and as well as that of others on their team. By assessing the needs of individual staff members, productivity is improved, communication becomes more effective, turnover is reduced and more work gets done.

Assessments will allow you to understand yourself and others and lead to making better hiring decisions. Understanding and knowing someone’s true behaviors can lead to greater effectiveness in bringing the right people into your organization.

Chip shares your goal of how to best bring the team together in a shared vision of company success. You can expect to see –

  • Better hiring decisions.
  • Remediation justification.
  • Better ability to put the right people in the right seat.
  • The results are measurable. Clients typically see great gains in productivity and profitability.

The results are measurable. Clients typically see great gains in productivity and profitability.