$1.5 Billion Genco Prepares for High-Growth Future

Supplying for the Future

Multi-billion dollar third party logistics company plans for a high growth future through talent development, succession planning, and executive coaching

Business Challenge

In 1972, Herb Shear purchased a small warehouse business. Over the following four decades he built it into a multi-billion dollar Global Top 25 third party logistics provider. Today, GENCO serves a diverse range of customers including many Fortune 500 companies and is recognized as a world leader in product lifecycle and reverse logistics solutions, with Herb Shear still at the helm.

“Our company’s always been a growth company,” says Herb Shear. “So we’re continuously looking to see what’s next, where we can develop more strongly.”

In 2009, Shear identified leadership succession planning as a top strategic priority, in order to position GENCO to accelerate into the next generation. “We had tried several approaches to talent development previously,” says Shear, “but they always fell flat.” Shear wanted to provide stronger development programs for high potential individuals and a clear path toward executive leadership for top performers.

Shear brought in Jeff Krosse internally, to serve as vice president of succession development, and Chip Scholz as the external resource responsible for delivering on key portions of the development program.

Forward-Looking Solution

The company had previously been using a 360-degree evaluation tool, but implementation and follow up had been uneven. Scholz worked with Genco’s leadership on implementing two protocols:

  • Assessments
  • Leadership development/Executive coaching

Scholz evaluates candidates for new positions via Tri Metrix HD and in-person interviews. The assessments provide key insights into a person’s unique style, including behaviors, motivators, acumen, and competencies, while the interviews add a customized angle to the evaluation. Following the assessments and interview, Scholz reports the findings to GENCO’s leadership and provides critical insight into the candidate’s suitability for the company and role.

In the realm of leadership development, Scholz provides executive coaching to several c-suite individuals, including Shear himself, acting as a sounding board and confidante. He helps them to gain clarity around current challenges and continually build their acumen while charting a clear course for themselves personally and for the organization.

“He helps me see the forest, not just the trees,” says Shear.

Critical Results

Shear reports that the talent development and leadership succession program has exceeded all previous attempts and proven itself a success.

“Chip just works extremely well with everybody he interacts with in the company,” says Shear. “His personality and his values fit well with ours. Plus, he’s a good listener. At my level, I don’t have a lot of people to talk about my business with, so he’s provided good perspective for me.”

GENCO recently promoted two new executive leaders, a move that demonstrates the robustness of the organization’s succession plan. At almost the same time, it received the AT&T Sustainability Award demonstrating its forward-looking excellence.

“An organization our size, with 10,000 employees and 140 locations, has many components, so you can’t really point to any one thing and say that it has been responsible for that success,” says Shear. “But I can say that Chip’s contribution to our leadership and succession development has made a significant difference.”


GENCO is the recognized leader in product lifecycle and reverse logistics solutions designed to maximize value and reduce costs. GENCO operates 140 value-added warehouse locations comprising 38 million square feet and manages $1.5 billion in freight annually throughout North America. GENCO’s diverse range of customers includes many Fortune 500 companies in the technology, consumer & industrial, retail and healthcare markets and the federal government. GENCO’s complete range of product lifecycle services include inbound logistics; warehousing & distribution; fulfillment; contract packaging; managed transportation; systems integration; returns processing & disposition; test, repair, refurbishment; product liquidation; and recycling. For more information, visitwww.GENCO.com.

About Scholz and Associates

Scholz and Associates is an executive coaching and leadership development partner serving large and mid-sized privately held organizations across the Southeast United States. Chip Scholz, the company’s principal, is a well-respected speaker, author, and coach. His two books Do Eagles Just Wing It? and Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses provide business leaders with provoking insights and tools for achieving more. Chip has dedicated his career to helping leaders achieve clarity and focus on what matters most to them with programs customized to each unique situation. Scholz and Associates offers complete solutions from strategic planning and organizational assessment to help hiring the right people and developing them to their full potential.

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